Our Services and Specializations

SEB-ANT CONTRACTORS specialises in industrial - offshore and residential paint work, sandblasting and metallization of industrial metallic recipients, bridges, towers, etc.


SEB-ANT CONTRACTORS shines in residential and industrial paint work of metallic recipients, bridges, towers, etc.


SEB-ANT CONTRACTORS offers sandblasting services that ensures ensure both speed and excellent results.


SEB-ANT CONTRACTORS offers metallization services that considerably improves the corrosion resistance of metal structures.


We put at your disposal our experience, our expertise and our know-how to carry out your projects in Hasselt, Zonhoven, Houthalen-Helchteren, Heusden, Genk, Peer, Hamont-Achel Lummen, Ellikom. Hechtel-Eksel Beringen, Leopoldsburg, Anvers and the surrounding area. To complete these projects, you will need the intervention and expertise of Seb-Ant Contractors team.

Paint that lasts

Seb Ant Contractors provides 3 types of painting

- industrial for halls, bridges, telecommunication towers, etc.
- in the construction field for interior and exterior for both walls and pvc, aluminium and wooden doors
- offshore for projects on the sea that requires certain temperatures, petrochemicals, large containers
Whether it's industrial paint, off shore, for building or renovating your home,
Seb Ant Contractors uses the best brands for an effective result that will last a long time.

We have 20 years experience and for industrial and of-shore projects and 8 years experience for Residential painting of walls and doors and we offer you the best solutions while adapting to your requirements and constraints! We offer these 3 services to private and professional sector. 

Industrial paint has two main objectives:

Prevent physical (impacts) and chemical and environmental (corrosion, weather, etc.) damage.
Offer an aesthetic aspect in order to obtain an optimum finish, even increasing its added value.

Sandblasting, an effective technique to eliminate traces

You wish to give a new youth to your metal objects? Sandblasting, is the perfect method to clean the walls and others products by removing the impurities (paint, varnish, rust, oxide) from the surface This technique is used in the building industry and consists of projecting a large quantity of sand on the surface to be treated as steel, cast iron or aluminum.
For sandblasting work, the intervention of a sandblasting company is essential because it has the necessary materials to do the job properly.


S1 - S2 - S3

Sandblasting is of 3 types
Rust may remain
Hardly any rust left
No rust

SA1 - SA2 - SA3

Metallization to prevent rusting

You are in search of an anti-corrosion system? Seb Ant Contractors has the solution for you: the metallization. It is a process which consists in applying, by thermal projection, a surface of a metal melted beforehand.
It aims to protect objects, surfaces or other steel elements against corrosion by creating a protective barrier. This barrier is watertight, thus avoiding oxidation and the appearance of rust. The metallization allows a longer life span, which can exceed several decades.

You have metallization projects or questions?

Seb-Ant Contractors is a company specialized in metallization.
Call us to discuss about your metallization projects or any other service like painting and sandblasting.

Important to know

Materials are sanded on the customer's invoice or taken from the customer.
The guarantee is given if the temperature, cleaning and degreasing and application conditions are respected according to the paint manufacturer.
To calculate the duration of a project, our team analyses the project in detail and provides 30% extra margin time for the success of the project.
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